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We as Fotograffia team welcomes you . Photography was the hobby for us, when it developed in passion we do not know. 

As a photographer we started this journey since childhood but professionally 2010.

Our photographic style during an event is best known as Candid wedding photography,  documentary wedding photography or wedding photojournalism. These are buzz words that mostly wedding photographers in the profession use to describe the same photographic approach to capturing an event in a relaxed, unobtrusive style and without the need for multiple, often tedious family group wedding photos and awkward poses.

Our approach to creating wedding photography is unique - I don't place importance on photographic fads and recognise the value in timeless and natural pictures that tell an authentic wedding story. From the creation of the photographs through to the editing and processing applied to images during post production.

Our wedding photo experience ranges from small, low key and intimate weddings to grand and often traditional affairs, including multi-day North Indian, South Indian weddings.
We commissioned as a portrait,candid and wedding photographer right across India.


Pre-Wedding Amit & Reshu